ASA 3-Star Endorsement

...University of Alberta's Soccer Centre of Excellence confirms community commitment with the development of Vimy Ridge Academy School - soccer program, feature club team development, academy training, goalkeeper specialization, international program and prospect management...

...the University of Alberta soccer programs and Green & Gold Soccer Academy has received the Alberta Soccer Association's Three Star Endorsement...recognizing the quality soccer instructional programs geared toward high level performance... on the following link for a You Tube presentation featuring the Green & Gold Soccer Academy at Vimy Ridge Academy school...




  1. Academy - Fall Session 2015

    The fall months offer a great opportunity to continue a team's outdoor technical, physical. tactical and game mentality development. The coaches at the University of Alberta's premier Green & Gold Soccer Academy are ready to provide their technical expertise with your team during this time period. Please check further on this website for details.

  2. Golden Golden Bears soccer try-outs for Fall 2015

    The try-outs and training camp will begin on Monday, August 24th 2015 where all players are required to check-in

  3. Academy Feature Team and Spring Session 2015

    The Green & Gold Soccer Academy's Feature Team and Spring Session 2015.

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Practice & Game Schedule

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Upcoming Programs

We are now taking registrations for our Green & Gold Soccer Academy's Fall Session and Feature Team lineup.  Please check further on this webpage and register early as space is limited.

The academy's Fall Session 2015 offers a great opportunity to club teams who wish to advance their soccer development in an outstanding outdoor soccer setting (Campus Saint Jean) during the fall months September-October.

The Fall Session will offer the opportunity for 4-6 Feature Teams to take advantage of our professional program that seeks to deliver:

  • Highest level of coaching conducted by the academy's professional coaches including Len Vickery (CSA A License/Chartered Professional Coach), Kurt Bosch (CSA B License/ASA Provincial U-14 Boys Coach), Martin Andersen (MCoach candidate at the University of Alberta) and  Niki Vignjevic (CSA B License Coach).
  • Practices conducted at the University of Alberta's Campus Saint Jean facilities.
  • A program that adheres to the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Long Term Player Development (LTPD) stages of development in providing age appropriate technical, physical, tactical and game mentality training.
  • Promotion of players to the higher levels including the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Program, FC Edmonton, provincial, national and professional teams. 

Feature Team line-up for Winter 2015 included the following:

  • Juventus Y 2003 Boys (Dave Lechelt)
  • Sherwood Park Phoenix 2002 Boys (Deb Hujber)
  • St Albert Impact 2000 Girls (Randy Herlein)
  • Drillers 2002 Girls (Marielle Poulin)
The Green & Gold Soccer Academy's recent Feature Team line-up for the Fall 2014 included:  
  • St Albert Boys (Liz Jepsen)
  • Juventus 2003 Boys (David Lechelt)
  • Juventus 2002 (Kurt Bosch)
  • Southwest United'98 Girls (Doug Gilroy)
  • Juventus X 2000 Boys (Marcel Prefontaine)
  • Juventus'98 Boys (Gurminder Bajwa)

Feature Team Line-up for Spring 2014

  • Juventus Teams (13):
  • Juventus 99Boys - Virk
  • Juventus 00YBoys - Andersen
  • Juventus 00XBoys - Prefontaine
  • Juventus 02YBoys - Bosch
  • Juventus 03YBoys - Lechelt
  • Juventus 03XBoys - Tougas
  • Juventus 04YBoys - Kaluzniak
  • Juventus 04XBoys - Mosele
  • Juventus 05Boys - Mosele
  • Juventus 06Boys - Reddy
  • Juventus 07YBoys - Degraves
  • Juventus 07XBoys - Mosele
  • Juventus U-18 Girls - Sears

    Feature Team Line-up for Spring 2013

    • Juventus'97 Girls (Rob Mosele/Shannon Sears) 
    • Juventus'98 Girls (Don Catena/Kelly Hodgson)
    • Juventus'98 Boys (Rob Mosele) 
    • Southwest United'98 Girls (Doug Gilroy)
    • Juventus'99 Girls (Jimmy Bustos/Drew Fraser)
    • Juventus'99 Boys (Raju Virk/Randy Huculiak)
    • Juventus 2000 Y Boys (Kurt Bosch/Martin Andersen)
    • Juventus 2000 Girls (Peter Webster) 
    • Juventus 2002 Y Boys (Kurt Bosch/Martin Andersen)
    • Juventus 2002 X Boys (Jimmy Bustos/Elli Bartlett)
    • Juventus U-10 Boys (Dwayne Degraves/Sarah Lechelt) 
    • Juventus U-10 Boys (Rob Mosele)
    • Juventus'97 Boys (Daren Sears/Pat Lavin)

    Feature Team Line-up for Spring 2012

    The Green & Gold Soccer Academy is pleased to provide supplementary player development opportunities to a host of Feature Teams who have registered for academy training.  These teams are afforded practices conducted by our highly qualified coaches, utilizing outstanding facilities and equipment.  In addition, these players along with those participating at our Vimy Ridge Academy school program are given consideration and selection to academy teams that travel to Europe as part of our International Program.  The 2012 Feature Team line-up includes:

    • West Raiders U-10 Girls
    • Juventus U-10 Boys (Black, White & Gold)
    • Juventus U-12 Boys
    • Phoenix'98 Boys
    • Southwest United'97 Boys
    • Southwest United'97 Girls
    • Juventus'96 Boys
    • Juventus'96 Girls
    • Southwest United'96 Boys