Golden Bears Soccer Team Program

The University of Alberta, Department of Athletics and Golden Bears soccer program is committed to the development of a first class program. This is reflected in the appointment of a full-time coach and the provision of a year-round development program. 
During the Canadian Intercollegiate Sport (CIS) season in the fall, all players registered at the University of Alberta will be eligible for selection to the Golden Bears soccer squad. This would include all full-time students including international and exchange students. The goal would be to select the most talented and strongest squad for competition and challenging for Canada West and CIS National Championship honors.
The benefits for playing with the Golden Bears soccer program are numerous but include the opportunity for high level of competition in a professional environment, supported by the university community, Department of Athletics and an active Alumni Association. 
Players selected to the fall program, who are Alberta residents, would be eligible to receive Golden Bears Soccer Alumni and Green & Gold Soccer Academy awards/scholarships in addition to the provincial Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarship.
The Golden Bears soccer program is committed to achieving the ideals of high performance player development in all aspects of technical, tactical, physical and game behavior training. The aims are to provide a truly competitive and demanding training environment for elite players.  

The programs are in a position to facilitate both individual and team development.  The essential ingredients include high-level coaching, frequency of training and competition, outstanding facilities and first class equipment.

Any players interested in being a part of this program are encouraged to contact

Len Vickery, Head Coach

Golden Bears Soccer Program


The benefits for players committed to the year-round program include:
  • Opportunities for competitive playing exposures at the highest senior level within Alberta for both indoor and outdoor
  • Opportunities for regular training sessions for both indoor during the winter and outdoor during the summer months
  • Promotion and support of players to play at higher levels whether that be National Team, NASL, FISU Games or PDL
  • Eligible to receive the provincial Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarship
  • Nomination and support given for Wall of Fame, Universiade’83 Scholarships,  Golden Bears Soccer Alumni, Green and Gold Soccer Academy, and all other Athletic Scholarships and Awards
  • Opportunities for coaching development and involvement in the Green and Gold Soccer Academy and Golden Bears Soccer Camps