Golden Bears Soccer Progam


Deciding which University you will attend is perhaps the most important choice a student-athlete will ever make. Therefore, I will seek to provide you with some solid information as regards choosing the University of Alberta.
The University of Alberta has built a tradition of excellence since its inception in 1908. This excellence has been maintained through the years and is reflected in the strict entry-level requirements in Canada's second largest University. A 65+ average is required to enter some faculties and even higher averages are required for others, particularly those with quotas. The Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, one of the oldest and most revered faculties on campus, shares the University's commitment to excellence.
The University is consistently ranked in the top ten among Canadian universities in surveys conducted by MacLean’s magazine.   The survey is based on the quality of the faculty and student body, financial resources, reputation, operating budget per student, student-teacher ratio and president’s rankings. This survey gives some indication of the quality of education one would be exposed to should they choose to attend the University of Alberta. Further, the University of Alberta routinely leads the country in the number of Academic All-Canadian selections, a great credit to the balance of athletics and academics in our programs.
The University of Alberta Golden Bears Soccer program has been in existence since 1969 and has achieved four CIS/CIAU National Championships in 2006, 2003, 1972 and 1979 and nine (2003, 1999, 1998, 1995, 1988, 1981, 1979, 1973 and 1972), Canada West Championships. In addition, the program has been very successful over the years reflected in the four national silver medal performances (1994, 1995, 1998 and 1999) in addition to the four National Championship successes.  
There are now many more scholarships available to soccer players in our program. The Golden Bears Soccer Alumni Society was founded several years ago and has developed rapidly with a view to providing financial support to the program. The Alumni has made scholarship development for Golden Bears soccer players and the necessary funding its primary goal.  In addition, the University of Alberta has outstanding facilities for both indoor (Universiade Pavilion) and outdoor soccer (Foote Field).  Check out the virtual tour of Foote Field at: 
The Sports Wall of Fame, Hub Athletic and the newly developed Golden Bears Soccer Alumni and Green and Gold Soccer Academy scholarships and awards are available for Golden Bears Soccer players. In addition, 18 Golden Bears soccer players are eligible to receive the Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarship that is in the amount of $1800, providing they maintain a satisfactory grade point average. The Universiade’83 is another available scholarship that is available to student-athletes with an 80% high school average or a 3.5 GPA during their years at the university, or as a transfer student, and is in the amount of $2000. A further number of awards are available to continuing Golden Bears soccer players, ranging from $500 to $1000 each, and are given in memory of Kevin Murtagh a former Golden Bears soccer player.
The University of Alberta, Department of Athletics and Golden Bears soccer program is committed to the development of a first class program. This is reflected in the recent appointment of a full-time coach and the movement toward providing a year-round development program.  
During the Canadian Intercollegiate Sport (CIS) season in the fall, all players registered at the University of Alberta will be eligible for selection to the Golden Bears soccer squad. This would include all full-time students including international and exchange students. The goal would be to select the most talented and strongest squad for competition and challenging for Canada West and CIS National Championship honours.
The benefits for playing with the Golden Bears soccer program are numerous but include the opportunity for high level of competition in a professional environment, supported by the university community, Department of Athletics and an active Alumni Association.  
The Green and Gold soccer team will play Edmonton and District Soccer Association (EDSA) Major League during indoor season and Alberta Major Soccer League (AMSL) outdoors. Therefore, the prospect of attending one of Canada’s most outstanding academic schools, with the opportunity to be a part of an equally outstanding Golden Bears Soccer and year-round program, whilst receiving scholarship support makes the University of Alberta worthy of your serious consideration.  
Please note that further information on the program can also be found on the University of Alberta Athletics and Green and Gold web sites at and
If you require additional information, please contact Len Vickery at (780) 492-1013 or by e-mail